WYSIWYG Web Builder 19.0.1 64bit Portable


WYSIWYG Web Builder adalah aplikasi pemograming yang membantu sobat untuk membuat sebuah website dengan mudah tidak terlalu harus coding dari awal. Beberapa fitur komputer yang umumnya pada website bisa sobat dapat dilakukan dengan mudah.

WYSIWYG Web Builder is a WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) program used to create web pages. WYSIWYG means that the finished page will display exactly the way it was designed.


Features of WYSIWYG Web Builder :

  • Responsive Web Design
    Built-in support for layout grid, flexbox, css grid or fixed layouts with breakpoints
  • Web Fonts
    Easily add Google Fonts and other Web Fonts to your website.
  • Animations
    Add amazing pre made animations and transitions or create your own animations. More than 150 pre-defined animations are included.
  • Pre-made Blocks
    Use pre-made blocks to quickly get started. More than 150 blocks are available!
  • Forms Tools
    Send Emails, Upload Files, Store Data in MySQL or CSV, Auto Responder, Password Protect Pages, Form Validation, Conditons/Calculations
  • Images & Media
    Image filters, shapes, galleries, carousels, lightboxes, rollover animations, YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5 Video/Audio
  • Icon Libraries
    Support for Font Awesome, Material Icons and many other icon libraries
  • Navigation
    Navigation buttons, drop down menus, fullscreen menu, mega menu, panel menu, breadcrumb, pagination and much more!
  • Extensions
    Hundreds of extensions to add extra functionality to the software. Including slideshows, navigation, audio/video, webshops, data viewers etc.

WYSIWYG Web Builder 19.0.1 What New :

  • Fixed: Crash when publishing shapes with text.
  • Fixed: FontAwesome file not published when used in master frames.
  • Fixed: Issue with padding in Responsive Menu.
  • Fixed: Conflict between quick menu click and scroll timer.
  • Fixed: Issue with locally hosted Google Fonts.
  • Fixed: Issue with position of Badges in breakpoints.
  • Fixed: Honeypot field is not hidden in Layout Grids.
  • Fixed: Issue with inset box shadow.
  • Fixed: Issue with Cards in flex container.
  • Fixed: Issue with text alignment in SlideMenu.
  • Improved: Added disclaimer popup for AI functionality.
  • Improved: A ‘too many extensions’ popup will now be displayed if the number of installed extensions exceeds 300. In previous versions, the software would fail silently when the number of extensions surpassed 300.
  • Improved: Accordion font size is now responsive.
  • Improved: Translate options now show a warning when the API key is not set.




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WYSIWYG Web Builder 19.0.1 64bit Portable

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