WinPE 11 KTV Session 6 Light 2023

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  • Version: 6 Light 2023
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Overview WinPE 11 KTV Session 6 Light 2023

WinPE11 Ktv Windows PE (WinPE) is a small usb-bootable Live operating system used to install, deploy, and repair desktop editions of Windows, Windows Server, and other Windows operating systems.


Full Features of WinPE 11 KTV Session 6 Light 2023

  • Change the wallpaper as you like, as many images as you want are copied to the Wallpaper folder on the Usb, it automatically loads the image Random for you, and there is no need to rename the image file with the required name. 
  • Minimizing WinPE to only 330mb Boot Ram takes up less to rescue, No Media, Office, Webcam, GPU,… the necessary software package is only 500mb, the software has been updated to the latest Version recently, Wifi Driver Package Lan 800mb compressed to 180mb for enough machines to not be missing. 
  • The rest of the drivers are still fully supported, Boot on Gen11, 12, 13th, AMD Ryzen, Mac Book Air, receive Touchpad laptops from Dell, HP, Asus, Lenovo Thinkpad, Acer… (currently Mac Book Pro Japan version , US cocoon, and some models of laptop keys, have not received Touchpad). 
  • There are 2 cmd files that automatically create 2 Boot modes, on USB, Portable hard drive Box and Boot on HDD, after running the file, type Msconfig to enter System Configuration to check if there is a Boot Menu or not, start the machine and run Test, The file will recognize 2 standards Legacy – UEFI and create it yourself. After Booting into the HDD, you switch to WinPE Live RAMDisk mode to erase and format the current operating system hard drive, which WinPE can still use. 
  • Booting on Ventoy is still good, there will be Mount File Iso recognition when you unplug the USB that the virtual drive created by Ventoy on the Boot Iso WinPE file is lost ?. (However, Ventoy is very picky, cannot overcome Secure Boot, it is surrounded by ISO files, so the software that operates the functions is not released, causing errors. 
  • Display Boot mode, Basic computer configuration, active software package on USB or RAMDisk outside the Desktop, convenient for you to easily observe which mode you are in.


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WinPE 11 KTV Session 6 Light 2023

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