Windows 11 Pro Artica Lite Edition v21H2 Build 22000.318

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  • Version: Pro Artica Lite Edition v21H2 Build 22000.318
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Banyak pilihan windows yang terdapat di haramain menjadikan pilihan untuk sobat sesuai dengan kebutuhan nya. pada edisi kali ini windows 11 pro edisi modif super ringan dan lebih banyak fitur di hilangkan dan nonaktifkan agar tidak terlalu memberatkan kinerja perangkat desktop sobat.

Mungkin beberapa layanan itu ada tidak sobat pakai maka perlu jadi pilihan Windows 11 Pro Artica Lite kali ini. Untuk melihat lebih jelas beberapa fitur yang di pangkas sobat bisa baca pada penjelasan di bawah.


Windows 11 Pro Artica Lite Edition General Info:

  • Version: Windows 11 Pro
  • OS build: 22000.318
  • Arch: 64 bit
  • Compression: Esd
  • Language: Multilanguage 38 laungauges to install (You can add your system language later)
    Treatment: windows are activated (activator included at desktop folder just in case)
  • No Secure Boot Or TPM Required


Windows 11 Pro Artica Lite Edition More Info ::::

Removed Components:
– all bloatware apps except Windows store and xbox
– Access Control List
– AssignedAccessLockApp
– ActiveX Installer Service
– Agent Activation Runtime
– AllJoyn Router Service
– Application Virtualization (App-V)
– Assigned Access
– ActiveX Compatibility Flags (Killbits)
– Camera Barcode Scanner
– Cache and temp files
– Ease Of Access Themes
– Easy Transfer
– Face Recognition
– Fax
– Floppy disk
– Infrared devices
– Internet Explorer
– iSCSI Initiator
– Map Control
– Microsoft Edge
– MultiPoint Connector
– Natural Authentication
– NDIS Packet Capturing
– On-Screen Keyboard
– OneDrive
– Phone Service
– Point of Service (POS)
– Retail Demo Content
– Security Center
– Skype ORTC
– Speech TTS
– Speech API
– Spell Checking
– Speech Recognition
– Steps Recorder
– Storage Spaces
– SoundRecorder
– System Reset for Windows
– Tablet PC
– Telephony
– TV Tuner codecs and support
– Windows Biometric Service
– Windows Recovery
– WinPE
– Windows Disc Image Burning Tool
– Windows Mixed Reality
– Windows Reader (PDF)
– Windows System Assessment Tool (WinSAT)
– Work Folders Client
– Windows Defender
– Windows Web Experience Pack

– theme added
– Dark mode for apps enabled
– Dark mode for windows enabled
– Auto play is disabled
– Ballon notifications is disabled
– CD burning features is disabled
– People in taskbar is disabled
– Fast start up is enabled
– Experimentetion is disabled
– Location services is disabled
– Cortana (all) is disabled
– Feedback frequency is disabled
– Photo viewer is restored
– UAC disabled
– Let apps use other devices open apps and continue experiences is disabled
– Let apps use user advertising ID is disabled
– Let microsoft provide more tailored experiences is disabled
– Let windows collect my activities for this pc is disabled
– Let windows track app launched to improve start and search results
– Send microsoft info about how I write to help us improve typing is disabled
– Shared experiences is disabled
– Bing web results is disabled
– Shell bags is disabled
– Get tips and suggestions as you use windows is disabled
– Allow apps access (all) is disabled
– Automatic installation of sponsored app is disabled
– Automatically connect to hotspots is disabled
– Let apps use other devices open apps and continue experiences is disabled
– Get tips and suggestions as you use windows is disabled
– Meet now taskbar widget is disabled
– News and interests are disabled
– Quiet hours is disabled
– Windows collect my activities from this pc (timeline) is disabled
– Telemetry is disabled
– more tweaks have been applied for better performance

– added God Mode in Desktop Context Menu
– added personalize to context menu (you can change your themes from there)
– added safe mode to context menu
– added PowerShell to Context Menu
– added Open command window here as administrator
– added Computer Management to Desktop Context Menu
– added Control Panel to desktop context menu
– added Windows Tools to desktop context menu
– added Take Ownership to context menu
– added System_Tools to desktop context menu
– added App Mode to desktop context menu
– added Display settings to desktop context menu

Programs added:
– Note++
– Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005-2008-2010-2012-2013-2019-2022 Redistributable Package x64
– Winaerotweaker
– StartIsBack.AIO.v1.0.39
– 7zip
– OldNewExplorer
– AOMEI Partition Assistant 9.5.0 TE
– Ultrathemepatcher 4.2.1 (don’t restart after installation)
– Mozilla Firefox
– PowerISO 8.1 (portable at desktop)
– Glary Utilities (portable at desktop)
– Office 2021 ProPlus (installer at desktop/run the bat file)



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Windows 11 Pro Artica Lite Edition v21H2 Build 22000.318

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