Virtual Audio Cable 4.70

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Conditions when our multimedia runs there are various sounds that enter our device, some sounds are not clear or cannot be heard. Well Virtual Audio Cable is a virtual driver application which can control sound from various sources and applications on your device. This application is usually useful for streamer friends and even friends can use it for meeting zoom and obs so that the sound quality is clearer than usual.


Features of Virtual Audio CableĀ 

  • Local (console) session only (does not work via Remote Desktop or Terminal Services).
  • Windows 5.x, 6.x and 10.x platforms (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • Up to 256 virtual cable devices (some systems limit number of MME devices).
  • 1..20 milliseconds per interrupt/event.
  • 1..100 pin instances.
  • Almost any of fixed point PCM audio formats (1000..384000 samples per second, 8..32 bits per sample, 1..8
  • channels). Floating point formats are not supported.
  • Almost no sound latency with maximal interrupt/event frequency.
  • RTAudio support with notification events, clock and position registers. Clock registers are bound to Virtual
  • Cables so all streams in each cable are coherent.
  • Unlimited number of Kernel Streaming clients connected to each port.
  • Signal mixing (with saturation) between output port clients.
  • PCM format conversion (sampling rate, bits per sample, number of channels).
  • Volume control features (both attenuation and boost).
  • Channel scattering/gathering mode.
  • Watermark control technique to improve stream stability with unstable applications.
  • Stream buffering technique to partially compensate bad application buffering algorithms.
  • Control Panel application to configure cables and watch their state.
  • Audio Repeater application that transfers from any recording to any playback device.


Virtual Audio Cable 4.70 What New

  • Added ARM64 binaries.
  • Fixed a driver bug that caused render streams to speed up when volume control and/or format conversion are used.
  • Fixed a driver bug that caused OF/UF values in the stream termination event to always be zero.
  • Added client clock adjustment feature to the driver, allowing applications to adjust cable clock on the fly, without changing cable clock correction value permanently.
  • Packet mode support is disabled by default to improve stream reliability in typical applications. Packet mode controls added to VAC Control Panel.
  • Added a workaround for Windows bug that requires to start high-level clients before KS ones.
  • Added the name of the process that created the stream to the stream information.
  • Changed algorithm of actual sampling rate calculation for better reflection of recent changes.
  • Added a dynamic cable clock adjustment to Audio Repeater applications.
  • Changed layout of Audio Repeater KS window to fit low-height screens.
  • Audio Repeater MME now finds the endpoint by name when the transfer is started. It allows to avoid restarting the app if endpoint order was changed (when audio devices are plugged/unplugged, default endpoint is changed etc.).
  • Added workaround to Setup application to remove hidden “phantom” device instance if the previous installation was forcibly aborted.
  • Setup application now searches for uninstallers of older versions.
  • VAC driver API version increased to 6.



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Virtual Audio Cable 4.70

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