Ubuntu 22 – Kinetic Kudu

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Overview Ubuntu

Ubuntu is free operating system. Whether you use it at home, at school or at work this OS contains all the applications you’ll ever need. From word processing and email applications, to web server software and programming tools.The system loads quickly on any computer, but it’s super-fast on newer machines. After loading, opening a browser takes seconds. Unlike other OS that leave you staring at the screen, waiting to get online.


What Ubuntu Version 22 or Kinetic Kudu

The latest version of Ubuntu 22.10 was just released on 20 October 2022 with the codename “Kinetic Kudu”. The name “Kudu” itself is taken from the name of an antelope animal in Africa, which is a goat-like animal with upright horns.

New Features of Ubuntu Version 22 or Kinetic Kudu

  1. The desktop environment has been updated to GNOME 43. Now the layout of the file manager can change dynamically according to the size of the open window.This concept is similar to the responsive design commonly used on web pages. The general appearance of the application has also changed, the list view section also comes with a new look.
  2. The Quick Settings menu section has also undergone changes. This new look was created so that users can access the most frequently used settings menu more quickly. We can change WiFi settings, activate Dark Mode, switch audio devices and more with just one click.
  3. This animated effect from Unity will display all open application windows when the user clicks on their icon in the dock menu. After not being used in previous Ubuntu releases, Spread Effect is now back in Ubuntu 22.10. The existence of Spread Effect is also part of Unity, as the GNOME shell which is now officially used as the official Ubuntu flavor.
  4. After being “separated” and not used anymore in the previous version. Now the distinctive flavour of Unity has been brought back in Ubuntu 22.10.Ubuntu Unity is known to have a beautiful appearance while still being lightweight to operate in order to maintain efficiency in the features it carries, such as the heads-up display (HUD), Global Menu, and Search function.
  5. Ubuntu 22.10 uses Kernel 5.19 with a configuration that enables multi-threaded CPU decompression for squashfs.So there is an improvement for faster startup time on some devices.
  6. The gaming sector has also received optimisation and performance improvements. Gamers who actively use Wine or Proton software will definitely love this update in Ubuntu 22.10 as the futex_waitv()syscall function is now enabled by default which results in improved gaming performance, especially for Steam snap applications.


Ubuntu 22.10 Change Log

  • The new futex_waitv() syscall that can speeds up games by letting them wait for multiple futexes with a single system call.
  • Support in the task scheduler for CPU clusters that share L2/L3 cache (spreading tasks between clusters will bring more memory bandwidth and decrease cache contention).
  • Support for Intel® AMX (Advanced Matrix Extensions) instructions.
  • CO-RE support that makes compiled BPF programs more portable.
  • A faster random number generator (entropy extractor switched from SHA1 to BLAKE2s).
  • Support for proactive reclaim in memory control groups.
  • Support for Intel® Trust Domain Extensions (TDX) Guest attestation (used to verify the trustworthiness of a guest before sending sensitive information).


Recommended system requirements of Ubuntu 22.10

  • 2 GHz dual core processor or better
  • 2 GB system memory
  • 25 GB of free hard drive space
  • Either a DVD drive or a USB port for the installer media
  • Internet access is helpful


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Ubuntu 22 – Kinetic Kudu

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