TechSmith Snagit 2022 for Windows & macOS


TechSmith Snagit adalah produk TechSmith hanya untuk recording saja berbeda dengan Camtasia terdapat bisa keperluan editing vidio nya. TechSmith Snagit untuk merekam layar perangkat desktop biasa untuk keperluan tutorial.

TechSmith Snagit Feature :::

Capture your screen
Show customers and coworkers how to do something with screenshots and videos.

Add additional context
Mark up your screenshots, trim your video, or use a template to create visual instructions and guides.

Share as an image, video, or GIF
Get over 15 sharing outputs and a built-in library with lifetime access to keep all of your images and videos organized.

Simple, powerful features:

All-in-One Capture
Capture your entire desktop, a region, a window, or a scrolling screen.

Panoramic Scrolling Capture
Take a full-page, scrolling screenshot. Snagit makes it simple to grab vertical and horizontal scrolls, infinitely scrolling webpages, long chat messages, and everything in between.

Grab Text
Extract the text from a screen capture or file and quickly paste it into another document for edits. Easily copy information without retyping all the text.

Screen Recorder
Snagit’s screen recorder lets you quickly record yourself working through steps. Or grab individual frames out of the recorded video. Save your video file as an mp4 or animated GIF.

Record Webcam
Toggle between webcam and screen recording during a video. Use the recorder to add a personal touch with teammates or clients, no matter where they are.

Record Audio
Include audio in your videos from either a microphone or your computer’s system audio.

Animated GIFs
Turn any short recording (.mp4) into an animated GIF, and quickly add it to a website, document, or chat. Snagit comes with default and custom options to create the perfect GIF, every time.

Trim Video Clips
Remove any unwanted sections from your screen recordings. Cut any section at the beginning, middle, or end of your video.

Annotate screen grabs with professional markup tools. Add personality and professionalism to your screenshots with a variety of pre-made styles. Or you can create your own.

Step Tool
Document steps and workflows with a few clicks. It’s as easy as A-B-C or 1-2-3.

Smart Move
Automatically make objects in your screen captures movable. Rearrange buttons, delete text, or edit other elements in your screenshots.

Text Replace
Snagit recognizes the text in your screenshots for quick editing. Change the words, font, colors, and size of the text in your screenshots without having to redesign the entire image.

Simplify Tool
Convert your standard screenshots into simplified graphics.

Personalize your images with stickers specifically designed for screenshots.

Keep all of your most valuable tools together in one spot.

Create from Templates
Use pre-made layouts inside Snagit to create visual documentation, tutorials, and training materials in no time.

Create Video from Images
Talk and draw over a series of screenshots to create a quick “how-to” video or GIF.

Share Anywhere
Upload and share directly to PowerPoint, Word, Excel, YouTube, Camtasia, and many more, or create a link directly to your screen grab and share it with anyone.

Enterprise Sharing Destinations
Snagit now lets you share directly to Slack and Box.

TechSmith Snagit System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 11, Windows 10, or Windows Server 2016 (64-bit)
    * Windows N requires the Media Foundation Pack
  • macOS 10.14 or later
  • .NET 4.7.2 or later
  •  64-bit 2.4 GHz single core processor (dual core i5 required for video capture)
  •  4 GB of RAM
  •  1 GB of hard-disk space for program installation

Snagit 2022.0.2 Windows What New :

  • Added back the ability to browse the Snagit Library by day, month, and year
  • Communication between the Fuse mobile client and Snagit now utilizes Transport Layer Security (TLS). Thanks to nerdwell for reporting.
  • Updated Google SDKs to address CVE-2018-1285 preventing a local XML eXternal Entity (XXE) vulnerability.
  • Fixed several issues with Batch Export
  • Fixed an issue where saving captures to Dropbox or Google wouldn’t convert the file to a PNG
  • Fixed an issue where the Capture Date of captures was not using the correct time zone
  • Can now hit the Esc key to exit the Grab Text dialogs
  • Fixed some issues with truncation of text on some dialogs in German
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when capturing certain websites
  • Snagit Editor no longer disappears after the first capture in certain situations
  • Fixed an issue where some Application icons would not appear in the Library navigation bar
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements


Snagit 2022.1.0 macOS What New :

  • Added Library filters for day, month, or year that a capture was taken
  • Added Library filter for website captured
  • Added support for iCloud as a library autosave location
  • Added a Color Adjustment effect for brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, and gamma
  • Added a Trim effect for image capture
  • Light/Dark color theme preference is now integrated throughout the app
  • Allow changing the pixel resolution of a capture
  • Scrolling capture and URL capture are now supported in Brave Browser and Microsoft Edge
  • Video recording toolbar can be moved before recording starts
  • Informational tooltips can be turned off
  • Improved CPU usage when using Smart Move
  • Fixed a security issue where opening a maliciously crafted .xliff file could result in arbitrary code execution. Thanks to DDV_UA for reporting this issue.
  • Fixed a security issue where opening a maliciously crafted .snagtheme file could result in destruction of user preferences. Thanks to DDV_UA for reporting this issue.
  • Fixed a security issue where opening maliciously crafted snagx/snagproj files could result in arbitrary code execution. Thanks to Renwa Hiwa (@ RenwaX23) for reporting this issue.
  • Fixed an issue where DMs didn’t appear as sharing options for Slack
  • Fixed font weights like SemiBold being lost on save
  • Fixed drag and drop from Library exporting as snagx instead of the desired format
  • Fixed Save As removing the original file in some cases
  • Fixed crash during video recording if there was no microphone
  • Fixed crash loading lots of captures at once
  • Fixed recent capture tray not scrolling to the selected item
  • Fixed Snagit not launching if it was open by another user with fast user switching
  • Fixed Export Frame as PNG grabbing the wrong frame
  • Fixed Step shadows rotating incorrectly
  • Fixed webcam position being forgotten from one capture to the next
  • Fixed transparent and erased areas appearing as the background color
  • Fixed crash reverting to original while editing text
  • Fixed text being printed blurry
  • Fixed webcam always being on in the Capture Widget
  • Fixed video edits being lost when renaming a video
  • Fixed stamps appearing upside down in Favorites
  • Fixed Share to Camtasia not working on macOS Monterey. Requires Camtasia 2021.0.11 or later


ARCHIVE FILE: berkas kami terbaru tidak ter password.  
DOWNLOAD GUIDE: Sekiranya bermasalah dalam mendownload, panduannya ada DISEDIAKAN
DOWNLOAD MANAGER: Gunakan IDM bagi mempercepatkan unduh berkas 
DEAD LINKS/EXPIRED: Jika links expired terhapus silahkan komentar di bawah ini.. 


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TechSmith Snagit 2022 for Windows & macOS

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