SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper 3.1.8

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The SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper tool works with managed network switches and reports what is connected to switch ports, and which ports are not connected. For every connected port, the port mapper lists the MAC address, IP address and host names of the computers associated with that port.


Features SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper:

  1. Real-Time Monitoring: SoftPerfect Connection Quality Monitor offers real-time monitoring of network connections, allowing you to continuously observe network performance.
  2. Packet Loss Measurement: It can measure packet loss, which is crucial for assessing the reliability of a network connection. Packet loss can be an indicator of network congestion or other issues affecting data transmission.
  3. Latency Measurement: The tool measures latency or network delay, helping you identify delays in data transmission. High latency can affect the responsiveness of networked applications.
  4. Jitter Measurement: Jitter is the variation in latency over time. SoftPerfect Connection Quality Monitor can measure jitter, which is important for applications that require consistent data delivery.
  5. Bandwidth Monitoring: You can monitor the available bandwidth to understand how much network capacity is being utilized. This information is helpful for capacity planning and troubleshooting.
  6. Multiple Protocols: It supports various network protocols, including ICMP (Ping), TCP, UDP, and more, making it versatile for different types of network connections.
  7. Historical Data Logging: SoftPerfect Connection Quality Monitor can log historical data, allowing you to analyze network performance over time. This is useful for identifying trends and recurring issues.
  8. Alerts and Notifications: You can set up alerts and notifications based on predefined thresholds for packet loss, latency, or other network parameters. This helps in proactive monitoring and issue resolution.
  9. Visual Representation: The tool often provides graphical representations, such as line charts and histograms, to make it easier to interpret network performance data.
  10. Export and Reporting: You can export monitoring data and generate reports for further analysis or sharing with colleagues or management.
  11. Customization: SoftPerfect Connection Quality Monitor usually offers customization options for monitoring intervals, alert thresholds, and other settings to tailor it to your specific network monitoring needs.


SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper 3.1.8 Change Log:

  • Added: Support for lldpXdot1LocVlanNameTable for VLAN info.
  • Added: Support for Windows systems on ARM64 CPUs.
  • Improved: Dark Mode appearance on Windows.


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SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper 3.1.8

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