Professor Excel Tools 3.1 Premium


Professor Excel Tools sebuah plugin dikhususkan untuk progam office, ini berguna untuk memudahkan beberapa fungsi copypaste data, check error, operasi dan fungsi di dalam progam excel dimana mempunyai 120 fungsi yang bagus serta tingkat berat.

Professor Excel Tools Premium Feature ::
Copy and Paste Functions:

Copy a range of cells in order to use the special paste functions

Copy Again
Copy the last copied cell range again

Paste as Link and Transpose
With ‘Paste as Link and Transpose’ you can link and transpose your pasted data to the source data.

Paste Exact Formula
With ’Paste Exact Formula’ you can paste a cell or a range of cells without changing their references.Expand example->

Paste Table Into One Column
‘Paste Table Into One Column’ offers three options for pasting a table underneath each other. A reason could be to make your data “pivotable” (expand details->)

Quick Cell Functions:

Insert Special Formula
Professor Excel Tools provides a lot of useful formulas which Excel doesn’t have: See all formulas->

Easily wrap the ‘IFERROR’ formula around your existing formula on all selected cells. If your formula is already wrapped in an IFERROR formula, the existing IFERROR formula will be updated. Instead of IFERROR, you can also insert IFNA.

Swap Two Cells
Swap two cells: Quickly exchange two cells. You can define within the settings, if existing cell links should adapt as well or not.

Insert ROUND
Easily wrap the ‘ROUND’, ROUNDUP or ROUNDDOWN formula around your existing formula on all selected cells.

Delete Last Letter if Blank
‘Delete Last Letter if Blank’: If the last character of a text cell is a space, it‘ll be deleted. This is especially useful if your data is not consistent for example if VLOOKUPs etc. don’t work.

Force to Number
‘Force to Number’: Sometimes, Excel won‘t apply a number format although a cell value is a number. ‘Force Cell Format to Number’ is especially strong as it removes all blank characters, tries switching points and commas and removes possible thousands separators.

Remove Conditional Formatting
You want to remove the conditional formatting rules but keep the format? No problem, select the cells and click the “Remove Cond. Formatting” button.

Quick Number Format
Define your favorite number format within the settings and apply it with just one click.

Show as Thousands
Display all selected cell values in thousands with just one click.

Show as Millions
Display all selected cell values in millions with just one click.

Format as Headin
Add your favorite ‘Heading Format’ to heading cells with just one click. You can change the format within the settings.

Format as Value Cell
Add your favorite ‘Content Format’ to content cells with just one click. The formatting of values (e.g. number, date) won’t be affected. You can change the format within the settings.

Clean Formulas
You don’t like messy, long formulas? Remove the own sheet name or all ‘=+’ in the beginning of the formula.


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Professor Excel Tools 3.1 Premium

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