MouseRobot 2.1.5 + Portable

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MouseRobot – simple, powerful and versatile program for creating and recording macros, such as macros, which automate filling out forms, image processing, installation and setup programs. You just need to write once the desired actions in a macro, and in the future program will be able to perform self-recorded macros!

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MouseRobot lets you create macros to automate any Windows-based programs, while providing the highest level of clarity and ease of subsequent modification of the recorded macros. MouseRobot adds a visual record macros in any application. You do not need to worry about the complexities of automation, learn programming and the internal structure of programs. Create a macro consists of a simple and familiar steps – starting programs, working with objects on the screen, pressing the keyboard and mouse. Repetition of actions in MouseRobot Repetition of actions over the graphical user interface. Program to repeat actions MouseRobot can push the buttons, links, fill in the entry field, working with lists and other objects on the screen Management programs and files in the repetition of actions. With MouseRobot you can launch and close applications, open to edit and send documents to print, open, Internet-pages, and run anything Windows (eg, ping or mkdir) Variables and built-in functions. Any value in MouseRobot can be stored in a variable for later use in the repetition of the mouse and keyboard actions. With built-in functions of the program to repeat actions MouseRobot mouse you can get any information about the computer file system, the date and time information read from a file or burn it to a file, the mathematical functions to help you evaluate any expression Loops and conditional jumps. You can create a loop through a sequence of numbers to strings, the objects on the screen (for example, a table cell), on file with the repetition of action keyboard and mouse. Conditional branches will help change the order of repeated actions Input and output data. Program to replicate mouse actions MouseRobot allows you to create even the most difficult conversations with the choice of components, files, job hot klavisch etc. (13 types of fields) that will help you to enter and display any information Built-in scheduler. Automate Macros helps embedded scheduler. The task can be automatically started by pressing hot keys, the appearance or closing windows (applications) in a given time, when the computer is idle, after a preset time


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MouseRobot 2.1.5 + Portable

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