Math Resource Studio Enterprise 7.0.186

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Math Resource Studio – Math Worksheet Generator: Fast and Easy Math Worksheet Creation. Create printable math practice worksheets with easy-to-use math worksheet generator software. Boost math skills with drills, puzzles, problems, and more.


Features Math Resource Studio

  • Target learning needs and motivate students
    The ideal software solution for individualized math instruction, Math Resource Studio makes it easy to create differentiated math worksheets to address the educational needs of all your students. Generate worksheets with the exact math practice required to advance skills to the next level and provide that motivating match between learning activity and learning need. 
  • New original questions generated in a flash
    Generating math worksheets with Math Resource Studio is as simple as selecting the types of questions you want, setting a few options, and clicking the generate button to create a completely original math worksheet. 
  • Math Puzzles
    Engage students with challenging and high-interest math puzzles to promote problem-solving skills as well as basic math skills. Puzzles include magic squares and stars, addition and multiplication boxes, number patterns, sudokus, and more. 
  • Tables and Drills
    Provide essential practice for the basic math facts with some great warm-up activities. Table and circle drills for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Plus tables for counting exercises with options for counting direction, starting number, count-by number, and hints. 
  • Basic Math Operations
    Easily create worksheets to build and reinforce skills in basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. With complete control over the range of values used for the generated numbers, students can be provided with exact level of practice they need. 
  • Advanced Math Operations
    Strengthen skills in advanced operations with activites that can incorporate numeric values in the trillions plus decimals, negative values, and currency. Includes multiple operations, powers of ten, and division with remainders and no remainders. 
  • Fractions
    Advance fraction competency with generated activities that provide skill development and review in the basic operations. Includes exercises with decimals, mixed numbers, lowest terms, common denominators, equivalency, simplifying, ordering, and mixed and multiple operations. 
  • Word Problems
    Easily create word problems for basic number operations, consumer math, fractions and more. The generated word problems are based on templates that you can modify or create. Numeric values are automatically generated within the ranges you select. Likewise, names and objects are randomly selected from your lists. 
  • Answer Banks
    Add auto-randomized answer banks to the bottom of each exercise set to provide students with a level of immediate self-correction. If the answer they came up with for a particular exercise is not in the answer bank, they will know they have made a mistake and can recheck their work. 
  • Unlimited math worksheets
    A total of more than 140 math activity generators in all. And with the many optional settings for each activity, there are literally hundreds of activity configurations that can be generated with a single click creating limitless unique math worksheets. 
  • New in version 7
    Math Resource Studio introduces a much improved math worksheet generator for version 7. Along with a refreshed user interface, twenty-two new exercise sets have been added to the program along with many new options, features, and improvements. 
  • Check out the new features in version 7
    Along with a refreshed user interface, twenty-two new exercise sets have been added to the program for version 7 along with many new options, features, and improvements.


Math Resource Studio 7.0.186 What New

  • Magic Stars: fixed font issue that hid parts of numbers when font size was larger than bubble size.
  • Resolved several additional errors and issues.


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Math Resource Studio Enterprise 7.0.186

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