LibreOffice 7.5.5 Fresh

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About LibreOffice

Libre Office is a software developed by TDF (The Document Foundation). LibreOffice uses the ODF (OpenDocument) file format which complies with ISO/IEC International standards. LibreOffice is compatible/supports other office applications, such as Microsoft Office with various import/export filters. Besides that, LibreOffice can also be used on various operating systems, namely Windows, Linux, OS X, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and Android Viewer.


Full Features of LibreOffice :

  • Writer: an application for processing words, features that are almost the same as Microsoft Word. With the Writer Application we can save/export documents in PDF, HTML, XHTML, XML, and several versions of Microsoft Word documents.
  • Calc: has functions and features that are almost the same as Microsoft Excel such as tables, function formulas, this diagram can be used for analysis for decision making, making charts/tables, and calculations. This application supports formats like excel, CSV, HTML, XML Spreadsheet etc.
  • Impress: similar to Microsoft PowerPoint, this impress application can be used to create presentation displays with various effects, animations, images, and so on.
  • Draw: An application that can be used to create vector graphics, diagrams, diagrams with a 3D view, the features are more or less the same as Microsoft Visio in Office.
  • Math : functions to create mathematical formulas that can be used to create complex equations, often used in writer and impress.
  • Base: almost similar to Microsoft Access as a relational database such as preparing reports, forms and so on.




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LibreOffice 7.5.5 Fresh

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