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jv16 PowerTools adalah salah satu program terbaik untuk bekerja dengan registri sistem dan menjaganya agar tetap dalam kondisi optimal. Termasuk alat untuk bekerja dengan registri: manajer registri yang kuat – memungkinkan untuk bekerja dengan daftar program dari startup dan penghapusan instalasi, dengan daftar jenis file yang terdaftar di sistem, ekstensi, menu konteks IE (dengan yang di dalamnya pengelola unduhan sering memasukkan item mereka) dan oleh beberapa orang lain. Manajer ini sering membantu menghapus sisa makanan secara manual setelah program pembersihan registri otomatis. Penggunaan dalam jaringan lokal dimungkinkan.

jv16 PowerTools What New:

Feature Improvements:

  • Added more mentions to the UI about the program using Windows scripts for data removal and that this is normal and nothing to worry about. If you see a big scary Windows Command Prompt when jv16 PowerTools is working or after the next system reboot, that is normal and nothing to worry about.
  • The Software Update screen now highlights the ‘Download Update’ as the default action button if an updated version is available.
  • The message box saying a system cleanup has completed now stays visible for a longer time. Before, it could automatically close too fast, which could leave the user thinking the cleaning somehow failed.
  • Many small improvements to the accuracy of the System Cleaner and Software Uninstaller scans.
  • Added an option to disable the killing of running apps to the Software Uninstaller. Uninstalling apps works better the less apps there are running in the background and this was declared by the app before uninstallation started. Yet, some users were surprised that apps were closed when something was uninstalled. Therefore, this is now made more clear.
  • Added an option to disable automatic system reboot after system cleaning or software uninstallation.
  • System Cleaner’s category listing panel now shows the found item categories sorted by their name. Previously the order was random.
  • Software Updater tool is now hidden and disabled by default. We are considering to remove this tool as it requires constant updates and does not seem to be worth it. If you want the tool to remain, you should voice your opinion now.
  • Updated the Widget’s Setting screen tabs to look the same as in the main app.
  • Comes with many updated translations, including Dutch, Finnish, Polish and Swedish.

Bug Fixes

  • If the Windows system registry shared system file keys contain invalid data, this could lead jv16 PowerTools to list important system DLL or font files for removal. This only happened with systems that had invalid shared file registry data and was therefore a rare issue. So far, five users have reported this to have happened to them. Nevertheless, we wanted to release a quick fix for this issue.
  • Some parts of the app’s UI were missing from the English.txt, making them impossible to translate.
  • If the system was in idle, the jv16 PowerTools Dashboard and Widget would keep showing different apps using 1% of CPU but these apps were often changing order every few seconds. This made it annoying to read the CPU usage list. From now on, all apps using the same amount of CPU power will be displayed in the CPU usage list in alphabetical order.
  • It was not possible to close some of the tip panels by clicking the X button at the top right corner of the panels.
  • Leaving any of the confirmation boxes open for a long time started the automatic message box closing sequence. However, this incorrectly displayed the button captions.
  • A message box could sometimes open behind the main app window, making it difficult to notice.
  • Installing a new version of jv16 PowerTools over an older version could cause the Dashboard’s drive content information bars to remain gray.


ARCHIVE FILE: berkas kami terbaru tidak ter password.  
DOWNLOAD GUIDE: Sekiranya bermasalah dalam mendownload, panduannya ada DISEDIAKAN
DOWNLOAD MANAGER: Gunakan IDM bagi mempercepatkan unduh berkas 
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jv16 PowerTools

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