Al Quran Sharif القرآن الكريم v3.88.6 Android

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Al Quran Sharif – القرآن الكريم is an Islamic application to make your Al Quran Sharif recitation easier on your Smartphone. Every Muslim should download Al Quran Shareef, an online Quran recitation application. There are limitless blessings in hadith for a person who recites Al Quran – القرآن الكريم daily.

Al Quran Sharif – القرآن الكريم is an online Quran application with the best pages from Quran Kareem, selected for best Quran reading experience. Al Quran Sharif application is the best online Quran reader. It is the easiest and fastest way to read the Holy Quran. Al Quran Sharif will give you selected pages of the Quran Majeed on your screen for Holy Quran reading anywhere and anytime.

Quran Majeed is essential for every religious Muslim. It allows you to carry Quran Kareem everywhere with you. Online Quran reader is the best way to carry and read Quran anywhere, just by using your Smartphone . You will have all the benefits, and you can read Quran Kareem anywhere you go. Download the Holy Quran application and have all Holy Quran recitation benefits.

Quran Majeed is also offline Quran reading application for your phone. You don’t need to be online to read Holy Quran. You can enjoy the Quran Kareem with no additional downloads. Quran reading app allows you to read it without any problem on your Smartphone. Al Quran Sharif – القرآن الكريم is the best application for Quran reading. With the Holy Quran application, you can read Quran Kareem without being online, anytime and anywhere.

Just start the Al Quran Sharif application and select any of the Juz you want to recite from Al Quran Sharif. This Quran reader is providing you with fast and easy access to any Juz from Quran Kareem.

With Al Quran Sharif – القرآن الكريم you can also read Quran by Surah, with its read Quran by Surah option. Just click the button al Quran by Surah and select any Surah you want to recite from Quran Majeed. You are choosing how you want to read Quran.

Al Quran Sharif is the most convenient app to use for Quran reading anytime and anywhere. Due to interruption, or any other reason, you can forget which page you are on, so we have introduced a unique way to remind you. Now you don’t need to bookmark the page of Al Quran Sharif, as the Quran reader app will remind you of your current page every time. You can start reading right from the reciting page you were on, just by clicking on the resume button.

Using this Quran application, you don’t need to carry around a paper version of the Holy Quran. Maybe you forgot your Holy Quran, install an online Quran application, and you will have the Holy Quran with you all the time, just one click away.

Features of Al Quran Sharif – القرآن الكريم

Resume your Quran reading: The Quran application will remind you of your last reading page and help you start from your last recitation.
Al Quran Sharif by Surah: You can read Quran by any Surah, just by choosing the option Al Quran by Surah.
Al Quran Sharif by Juz: You can read Quran by Juz as well. Just click on Al Quran by Juz button and start reading your desired Juz from Quran Majeed.
Zoom: With our Holy Quran reader, you can zoom the pages of Quran Majeed for a better and easier Quran Kareem reading experience.
Voice Search: You can choose the Surah you want to read with our voice search feature. Search the Holy Quran app with your voice.

Carry and read the online Quran anywhere you go, anytime! With Al Quran Sharif – القرآن الكريم, you will always have your copy of Quran with you, just one click away!

Start using Al Quran Sharif – القرآن الكريم, and you will always be ready to recite Quran, even if you are offline.



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Al Quran Sharif القرآن الكريم v3.88.6 Android

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